Add the Modern Business Theme-Block to RedKite CMS

A great theme design for a professional website build on top of twitter bootstrap 3.x. This is the default theme that comes with a Standard RedKite CMS installation.

The original theme can be found at


You can add the Modern Business Theme-Block to the application managed by RedKite CMS, adding it to the composer.json of your Symfony2 application:


    "require": {
        "redkite-labs/modern-business-theme-bundle": "1.1.*",

Be sure that there is declared the reference to repository, under the repositories option:

"repositories": [


        "type": "composer",
        "url": ""

then run the composer’s update command:

php composer.phar update redkite-labs/modern-business-theme-bundle

To have the new block available, don’t forget to clear the cache for the rkcms environment as follows:

app/rkconsole cache:clear --env=rkcms

Theme preview

To preview the theme, click the Themes button on the toolbar, then the Preview button.

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