RedKite CMS Get & Go

Thanks for interesting in the RedKite CMS Get & Go Sandbox.

This is a perfect, functioning and portable Symfony2 application powered by RedKite CMS, ideal to get a quick try to the cms and/or to be used by a single developer.


  1. A web-server like Apache or Nginx
  2. Php 5.3.3+ with the Sqlite extension enabled


Download your free RedKite CMS Get & Go copy now!

Set up RedKite CMS Sandbox

Unpack the RedKite CMS Sandbox into the document root of your web-server.

Web server configuration

Add a new VirtualHost to the web-server to handle the application and configure its DocumentRoot to point the package web folder.

As an alternative to VirtualHost you can update the web-server’s DocumentRoot to point the package web folder.


Please refer this guide if you are not comfortable to set up a web-server

Configure the timezone

RedKite CMS requires the date.timezone parameter configured in the php.ini file for both web server and CLI configurations.

A standard out-of-the-box PHP install comes with that parameter empty on most platforms, so you must configure it before installing RedKite CMS.

The php.ini file on a nix machine is usually saved under the */etc/php5** folder, respectively under the apache2 folder, if you use apache as web server, and under the cli folder for the console: you must configure that parameter for both those php.ini files.

The configuration is pretty straightforward: just locate the date.timezone parameter, uncomment it removing the semicolon at the begin of that parameter and add your timezone:

; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
date.timezone = Europe/London

Supported timezones can be found at

If you cannot change your php.ini, you can add the following php code to your AppKernel.php to obtain the same result, after you run the redkitecms:configure command and before run the redkitecms:install:



class AppKernel extends Kernel

If you miss this configuration, you might get the following error:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'RedKiteLabs\RedKiteCms\RedKiteCmsBundle\Model\om\BaseLanguage' not found
in /RedKiteCms/src/RedKiteLabs/RedKiteCms/RedKiteCmsBundle/Model/Language.php on line 8

Xdebug configuration

When you use Xdebug with your php installation, you need to configure that module as follows:


otherwise you could get an error or, worse, the page rendering could stop, without displaying nothing on the screen.


If you don’t use Xdebug you can safety skip this step.


Set up the permissions as explained in this Symfony2 book paragraph and be sure that the application folder has write permissions, otherwise RedKiteCMS will not be able to save data into the database.

This step is not required for windows users.

Web site url

Open the app/config/config_rkcms.yml file and change the website-url with the url where your application will be deployed:


For example:


This setting is required to correctly generate the web site’s sitemap.

Run RedKite CMS

Open a browser and point the following url for the production environment:


or open the following url to run the application in the dev environment:


Sign in

Use the following credentials to start working with RedKite CMS:

username: admin
password: admin


Enjoy your RedKite CMS application!!

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