Download RedKite CMS

Thank you for interesting in RedKite CMS. From this page you can download the latests release of RedKite CMS.

Get & Go Sandbox

A ready portable Symfony2 application powered by RedKite CMS.

This package is ideal to have a quick try of the application.

Just download and configure your web-server to start with it: no further installation is required.


RedKite CMS Sandbox

A Symfony2 application powered by RedKite CMS with all required vendors installed.

This is the package you should use when you need to start a new project to handle an upcoming website.


RedKite CMS Sandbox without vendors

The same RedKite CMS Sandbox application but requires to install the vendors libraries.

This is the package ideal for a developer who would like to contribute to RedKite CMS project.


Upgrade RedKite CMS application

Upgrade your RedKite CMS application to the latest release. Please refer this document to learn how to upgrade your RedKite CMS application.

If you are upgrading from a release lower than 1.1.4, please refer this document to migrate your application.

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