RedKite CMS Sandbox without vendors

Thanks for interesting in the RedKite CMS Sandbox for developers. Hope to get some pull requests from you sooner!

The same RedKite CMS Sandbox application but requires to install the vendors libraries.

This is the ideal package to start contributing to RedKite CMS project.


  1. A web-server like Apache or Nginx
  2. Php 5.3.3+
  3. A database supported by Propel, like mysql, postgres or sqlite


RedKite CMS Sandbox can be installed using composer. In this case you can simply get the latest composer version as follows:

curl -s | php

or, if you do not have curl installed, you can use:

php -r "eval('?>'.file_get_contents(''));"

and then run the following command:

php composer.phar create-project redkite-labs/redkite-cms RedKiteCms

This will install a fresh RedKite CMS application with all the tests and git references.

When composer downloaded all the libraries, follow these instructions to install your RedKite CMS Sandbox.

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