RedKite CMS Apps

RedKite CMS does not provide any block or theme integrated with the application itself, but it can be easily extended adding new Apps.

An App, in RedKite CMS world, is just a theme, a collection on templates that defines the design of your website, or a block, a content added to your website editable inline.

This is the really true power of RedKite CMS, in fact you can add any kind of widget to the CMS and manage it by an inline editor, extending the provided API.

We don't bind our CMS to a particular editor for html contents. RedKite CMS uses the TinyMCE editor by default, but provides a block to use the CKEditor instead the other. If you would like to use another editor, just implement it and, hopefully, share it with our community.

We provide a lot of ready blocks you can use in seconds in your website, like a block to manage images, links, scripts and more, Twitter Bootstrap components, like buttons, labels, carousels, accordion or Social buttons like the facebook like button or the twitter share bubtton.

Create your blocks to meet your needs is really easy and it is explained in detail in the official documentation.

Adding new themes is easy as for blocks and you can learn how to create your one in the documentation. At the moment we don't have many themes, but this section will be powered in the next future.


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