One of the great things about open source projects is that anyone can contribute code. The RedKite CMS has thrived thanks to the contributions of numerous people. We want to encourage everyone to submit their patches freely. To help you in that process, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

Use Pull Requests

If you want to submit code, please use a GitHub pull request. This is the fastest way for us to evaluate your code and to merge it into the code base. Please don’t file an issue with snippets of code. Doing so means that we need to manually merge the changes in and update any appropriate tests. That decreases the likelihood that your code is going to get included in a timely manner. Please use pull requests.

Report a bug or ask for new features

When you find a bug or you want to propose the implementation of a new feature, you should open an issue at github.

Contribute to RedKite CMS Core

When you want to contribute to the RedKite CMS Core by fixing issues or adding new features, you should fork the repository, make your changes and use pull request to let us review your patch.

Unit Tests

Regardless of the changes you are making, please make sure that your pull request includes appropriate tests.

If you’re submitting a change to RedKite CMS core, update or add to the units tests in the Tests directory.

If you are submitting a new App-Block, be sure to have properly added unit tests to cover the code and functional tests if your bundle uses internal controllers.

More about tests is explained in this document.

Write new tests

While the most part of code is covered by automated tests, these may always be improved by new tests you may write.

Submit your Theme or Block bundles

If you want to share your awesome Theme or Block bundles with the community, you need to maintain them on a repository at github.

To have your bundle distributed on the RedKite CMS website, open an issue at RedKite Apps repository and post the link to your repository in the issue body.

Your Theme or Block bundle will be evaluated and then it will be published.

Contribute with the documentation

RedKite CMS has its official documentation on a dedicated repository at github. If you want to contribute by fixing typos on the current documentation or add new entries, just fork this repository and send us your pull requests.

Found a typo ? Something is wrong in this documentation ? Just fork and edit it !

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