Manage website languages

This chapter explains in detail how to manage website languages.

The panel interface

Website languages are managed using the Languages panel: click the Languages button on the main toolbar placed at the top of the page to open it.


The languages panel is divided in two columns: on the left are listed all the languages used in the website, while on the right it is placed the interface to add or edit a language.

Add a new language

To add a new language, simply choose the one you want to add to your website from the Language combobox, then click the Save button.


If you want that the new language will become the website main language check the Is main checkbox.


The website’s main language is the first language displayed to a visitor of your website. He does not require to select any specific language. This means that when the address is requested, the language used is the one marked as the main language.

When you add a new language, RedKite CMS copies all the main language contents to the new language, generates a temporary permalink for each page, prefixing it with the new language name, and updates the linked permalinks for the new language’s contents.

Select and de-select a language

To select a language just click on the language name from the website languages list. This will highlight the language and fill up the form with the language’s values.

To deselect a language, just click on the selected one.

Edit a language

To edit a language you must first select it from the languages list, then you can choose a new language from the Language combobox.

When you want to promote a language as the website main language, you must select the language you want to promote and edit it, checking on the Is main checkbox.

You cannot degrade the current main language, this means you cannot uncheck the Is Main checkbox for the main language.

Click the Save button to confirm your changes.

Delete a language

To delete a language, just click on the thrash icon placed on the right of the language you want to remove.

You will be prompted to confirm the operation.

The main language cannot be removed from the website, so, when you need to remove it you must first promote another language as main.

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